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  • 4 Oct
  • 9 Aug

    There's a bat in my house!

    by the Humane Society of the United States No need to panic—you can remove him safely and humanely Sometimes a bat may go off course and accidentally find their way into a home. This is no cause for alarm. Stay calm, and follow these steps to remove them safely ...

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  • 27 Mar

    Environmental Stewardship

    About “Green” & “Environmentally Friendly” Pest ControlIn today’s world, it seems “green” or “environmentally friendly” is popping up in every aspect of our lives, including pest control. While many satisfactory alternatives to traditional pest control exist, the term “green&...

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  • 7 Mar

    March Mayhem

       March is an active month, full of changes. The first day of spring, daylight savings time and St. Patrick’s Day, to name a few. Throw in the up’s and downs of crazy weather patterns, and it truly lives up to the name March ...

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  • 30 Jan

    Bill Pay in 5 easy steps!

    Setting up your online bill pay account can be easy and simple.Step one - Website - Go to the ExodusExterminating.com website.  Step two - Bill Pay - Click “Bill Pay” on top navigation bar. Step three - Register - Register your account by clicking “Register for a ...

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