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Real Estate Pest Inspection –

A Pest Inspection is performed by a trained and NYSDEC licensed technician to detect wood destroying and general nuisance pests. While some home buyers hire a General Home Inspector, the Pest Inspection goes deeper than surface observations to ensure your future home does not harbor structural or health threatening pests. These inspections are generally performed for “piece of mind” for the home buyer to satisfy any pest concerns. 

Real Estate Pest Inspection WDO/WDI NPMA 33 –

The WDO/WDI Pest Inspection is performed in most circumstances to satisfy mortgage lender requirements. The Inspection is heavily focused on wood destroying organisms (WDO) and wood destroying insects (WDI) and the conditions that may exist that will encourage their existence. Upon completion of the inspection, the technician will offer a widely accepted document called an NPMA 33 form.

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