Questions we get often (7)

How do you determine how often to service my home?

Upon your first service visit our technician will inspect your home for pest activity and visible damage. This, along with the information you provide us about past and current pest issues, will help us determine a plan to best fit the needs of your home.

In general, if your primary pest is insect related, control can be achieved with our Pest Express program.

If you have experienced insects and rodents, Pest Plus is best.

What pests are covered under my plan?

Most common pests you would encounter: ants, spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, centipedes, stink bugs, and box elder bugs, mite and roaches are covered under the Pest Express and Pest Plus seasonal programs.

Annual services includes rodent control (mice, rats, meadow voles) as well.

Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help you better understand your plan!

Is it safe for my children and pets?

Yes, treatments are safe for children and pets. 

However, there are special precautions you should take:

1) Please make arrangements on the day of service to  to leave for a short time or to keep your children and pets inside (for exterior services) until the treatment has a chance to dry (approximately 1-2 hours) . This services allows us to complete the service even if you are not home.

2) Wait 1-2 hours after exterior services are completed before allowing your pets and children to go back outside.

3) If the treatment is being performed on the inside of your home, please be prepared to vacate your home for up to 2-3 hours after the service has been performed. 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask one of our trained Customer Service Representatives upon scheduling your service! 

How will I know when you are coming?

One of our friendly customer service agents will give you a reminder call three (3) days prior to your service date to let you know we are coming. This will give you enough time to prepare for any special arrangements that need to be made. 

Also, if you prefer to have one of our technicians call/text you when they are on their way, let us know and we can gladly accommodate that for you!

What if I see pests in between services?

If you experience a pest issue in between your pre-scheduled service visits, call and speak with our customer service  to schedule retreat service at no additional cost. 

*One time services come with a limited warranty

How safe are the materials you use?

All the materials we use are EPA and NYSDEC registered for the intended use. We take every precaution when applying any pesticide to minimize potential hazards.

Above all, we treat your home like it is our own. You can be confident that we have your safety and satisfaction in mind at all times.

For more information on the materials we use and the EPA and NYSDEC click here!

Is the plan transferable if sell my house?


If you sell your home, your agreement may be transferred to the new owners as long as they agree to the terms of the agreement.

If you purchase a new home and desire to have the same plan you previously had, we may need to make adjustments to your plan. Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you! 

Which Plan is Right for Me? (10)

I usually only see bugs in the spring and summer months.

Pest Express is our recommended choice for customers who usually only experience "seasonal" issues. 

Pests like, wasps/yellow jackets, ants, stink bugs, box elder bugs, spiders and the like are all common types of pests that customers who are on our Pest Express program have. 

My biggest concern is bees.

Pest Express is the best choice for customers who are worried about bees during the spring and summer months.

I see a ton of stink bugs and box elder bugs!

Pest Express is going to be the best program to help prevent against stink bugs, box elder bugs, and a bunch of other pests we consider “fall invaders”. 

These effective treatments during the spring, summer, and fall months are going to serve as a repellent for your home as stink bugs and other fall invaders look to “over-winter” in your home.

I am worried about bugs and rodents but only on the outside.

Pest Express is going to be an effective program to help prevent against not only flying, crawling, and stinging insects, but also rodents that try to make their home in your lawn and garden! 

I see bugs inside my house and I don't like it!

Pest Plus is going to provide you with coverage on both the interior and exterior of your home. If you see bugs on the inside of your home often, Pest Plus is going to be the best program for you! 

My home does have a history of mice/rodents getting inside. What can I do about that?

Pest Plus is our recommended choice for customers who have had a history of rodents getting inside their homes. 

Whether it be the garage, basement or anywhere else. Pest Plus is going to provide your home with the protection it needs to prevent against rodents on both the inside and outside!

(This plan will also protect  your from insects on the interior and exterior of your home as an added bonus.)

I get a ton of spiders right around the spring time and usually see some ants, bees, and stink bugs but nothing on the inside.

This is a common issue a lot of people experience. We consider these pests to be “seasonal”, meaning they each peak at different points of the year. 

Our Pest Express program will help to effectively combat these seasonal types of pests for you!

I don't have any problems at the moment but I hate bugs and don't want to take any chances. What should I do to prevent them?

With no current issues, we recommend going on our Pest Express program. 

It will be the easiest way for you to insure your home is protected against future infestations and gives you the peace of mind that if something ever happened, you are covered!

I would like to have the same technician come to my house every time.

Pest Plus. We understand the continuity that comes with having the same technician provide service each time you have an issue. Pest Plus not only provides you with coverage on the interior and exterior of your home but it gives you the peace of mind that the technician you are familiar with and who is familiar with your home is coming each time.

I need a specific time for each one of my treatments.

Pest Plus gives you the option to choose what time your technician arrives. If there are certain time sensitivities you need us to be aware of, let our customer service representative know this and we will be sure to sign you up for our Pest Plus program! 

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