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  • 31 Dec

    Seven resolutions for a pest free home.

    Seven resolutions for a pest free home.By Exodus Exterminating. DeclutterClutter, whether it is in your yard or in your home, is attractive to many kinds of pests. Removing clutter is a great resolution to minimize pest infestations. Trash cansAny food or trash, rotting or otherwise, can be a food ...

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  • 26 Nov
  • 26 Oct

    The 3 Tenets of Rodent Control

    The 3 Tenets of Rodent Control While it seems that some things like music, fashion, entertainment and other trends seem to change as quickly as the weather, there are some things that remain constant. Take rodent control for instance. As the world continues to try to build a better mouse trap, ...

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  • 20 Jun


    BEES, BEES, BEES! Just in time for National Pollinator Week (June 18th – 24th, 2018) we have made our rooftop honeybee sanctuary a reality! As active contributors to Pollinator Partnership and all the pollinator awareness efforts they bring, we are thrilled to do our part to bring awareness to the pollinator issue… ...

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  • 15 May

    FYI about DIY Pest Control

    FYI about DIY Pest Control These days it seems everyone thinks they can be a “professional”. Simply look up the endless supply of videos and how-to articles on the internet and voila! Anyone can do it! Just like a pro, right? Wrong!  While some do-it-yourself instruction can be practical ...

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