Treatment Options

Treatment and Monitoring programs for Bedbugs must be developed for each individual situation and setting, no two are the same. This process begins with a comprehensive Inspection and Interview to assess the degree of infestation as well as possible sources, when possible. The interview with the complainant can produce very useful information regarding possible Bedbug “hot zones”. These areas generally are where the person, or persons’, spends the majority of their time. Bedbugs instinctively want to be near their blood meal source, so they will most often be found concentrated in these “hot zones”.

The interview can also reveal information about living habits, recent guests, recent acquisition of used furnishings or belongings, travel habits or other important information. Our Interview and Initial Inspections are documented on reports providing detailed records of information obtained, recommendations and treatment options offered.

The possible treatments and monitoring options are many. There really is no one “right” way to react to a particular infestation or report of activity. We have many options available that will fit depending on many factors. Residual Insecticides, Heat Treatments, Growth Regulators, Low Volume Fumigation, Nightwatch Monitoring and Supplementation Treatment, Climb Up Monitoring are among the many treatment options in our arsenal.  These options for treating and monitoring will be chosen depending on the size and setting of the infestation. Once a treatment strategy has been determined by your technician team, you will be directed on preparation instructions and what to expect during the treatment process.

Your treatment program will be closely monitored over the anticipated treatment time frame. It is very unusual to completely eliminate a Bedbug infestation in one treatment. Multiple treatment and/or monitoring appointments will usually be scheduled to properly assess the treatment effectiveness. Underestimating this insect and their ability to “hide out” for long periods of time will usually result in a re-infestation. Be very wary of claims of one treatment elimination.

The available options to combat this persistent pest are ever-changing and you can be sure that Exodus has the latest information and treatment strategies to serve you. If you have the unfortunate experience of having to deal with a possible Bedbug encounter, please call Exodus for expert, up-to-date consultation and elimination services.

Bed Bug Residential Preparation Checklist

Conventional Insecticide Treatment: Exodus technicians may utilize a combination of residual insecticides, dusts, HEPA vacuums and steam heat applied over a two (2) week period (or more) to accomplish the task of Bed Bug elimination. MSDS and specimen labels for materials used are available on request or by visiting Following is important information:

Treatment Dates: Treatment(s) and/or inspections will occur on the following date(s):
Initial Treatment: ________2nd Treatment: _________Follow Up(s) _________

Resident Responsibilities: While Exodus generally abides by a “limited preparation” approach, for us to make successful applications we will require you to comply with the following as directed:

  • Remove and bag all bedding from beds and sleeping areas on the day of the treatment. Immediately remove from living space for laundering and drying. Discard and do not reuse bag.
  • Remove, inspect and bag all belongings from nightstands, desks, closets, dressers as directed. Any clothing removed must be run through a dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes. Discard and do not reuse bag.
  • Furniture should be empty and movable with loose items removed from inside and tops. Move belongings away from perimeter edges at least 12”
  • Remove clutter from treatment areas. Discard any unused items, especially cardboard boxes as directed. Isolate non treatable belongings in sealed bags for 10-12 months (photo albums, paper files, books, magazines, collectibles, etc.)
  • Stuffed animals, shoes, handbags should be run through dry cycle if possible. Suitcases, duffel bags and backpacks should be emptied and open for inspection and/or treatment.
  • Remove any delicate items from treatment area to avoid breakage. TV’s, VCR’s, lamps, clocks, radios, and phones should be unplugged.
  • Make arrangements to be out of the living unit for 4 hours on the day of treatment (4-10 hours for Heat Remediation).
  • Upon returning, if you find belongings that have been bagged/tagged by Exodus, follow the instructions written on the yellow tag.

Refer to the following for additional information:

What to Expect: If recommendations are followed most infestations can be eliminated within the treatment period quoted.

  • It is not uncommon to see Bed Bugs immediately following the treatment.
  • You may return belongings to original areas ONLY if instructed to do so.
  • A Final Assessment will be performed within two weeks after the last treatment to assess activity. If activity is found, additional treatments may be recommended with preparation instructions given at that time.
  • In multi-unit settings, long term monitoring and/or treatment programs may be initiated

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