Cautionary Tips for self treating wasps around your home.

Published July 17th, 2020 by Unknown


DO NOT attempt to treat activity that appears to be occupying a structural void with aerosol sprays. This may result in wasps or hornets inadvertently being pushed into the structure, increasing the risk of stings. 

DO NOT attempt to seal hornets in a crack or crevice with caulking or other sealants in hopes of eliminating the problem; this will only complicate the problem. Like any living creature they have a will to live. when trapped in to a structure they will find a new way out. This often can force them into your home. 

Trust a a professional.

If activity indicates hornets are occupying a void, call for professional assistance.

Over-the-counter treatments may kill any stinging insects on contact, but caution must be taken to avoid being major consequences above and beyond "just being attacked". Treatment for established nests should best be left to professionals.  

We can help you control wasps,  hornets and bees.

"A wasp nest in or around your home is not something you hope to stumble upon.

Exodus Exterminating received more than a half of a dozen emergency calls for wasp invasions in one day.  

A house in Spencerport is just one example of what Exodus owner Dale Larnder is dealing with  “Sometimes people actually cause the problem by using aerosols,” said Larnder. “They’ll see the activity going in and out of the hole and they’ll try and do the job themselves.” 

According to Larnder, this will only make it worse. He recommends to monitor your house by taking walks around the perimeter looking for an “airport of activity.”

“We call it an airport of activity as the season progresses and you get more of a population, you get more of them and their going in and out. That’s typical of yellow jackets,” said Larnder.

He says if you see this, you should call for professional help.  - NEWS8 Rochester

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