Published May 18th, 2020 by Unknown

Honeybee swarm season is upon us! Each year healthy, overcrowded honeybee colonies split, forming a swarm of up to 30,000 bees. While it may appear a little intimidating to see that many bees in flight, they pose almost no risk while swarming. The swarm may cluster in a ball around the Queen on tree branches, fences or even the ground, resting while scouts look for a suitable place to call home.

This is when the experienced beekeepers from Exodus can come and “rescue” them and provide them a new home, without harming them. So, if you are lucky enough to see this beautiful phenomenon, here is a list of helpful information if you decide to let us take them away for you:

• Do not spray with pesticides or water, this may kill the Queen and bees.

• Tell us how high the swarm is from the ground.

• What are the bees resting on?

• If on a tree branch, how thick is the branch? Multiple branches? Are you okay with us trimming a couple branches to safely remove it?

• How long has it been there?

• How big is it? basketball size, watermelon size?

• Have you called anyone else?

• Once you call, please notify us immediately if the swarm has left.

• Photos are helpful.

Here at Exodus we believe honeybees are extremely valuable pollinators that deserve protection and respect. There are several Exodus employees that are active beekeepers, we even have a rescued hive that lives on our office roof! We even offer seasonal wildflower honey for sale from our rescued bees. We are champions of the “Save the Bee’s” movement.

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