Spring Has Sprung

Published December 15th, 2017 by Exodus Exterminating

Finally, after a seemingly endless winter, spring is here! We humans are not the only ones rejoicing the warmer temperatures. Insects, rodents and wildlife awakening from their winter slumber also feel the urge to stretch their legs and begin a new season.

Just like us though, they can be tricked by the up and down temperature fluctuations we commonly experience this time of year. A 60 degree day that awakens harboring stink bugs, quickly can be followed by a night in the teens. What now? Where will they go? Well, maybe inside your house, with you, where it’s warm all the time!

We get many calls this time of year for wasps, ants, stink bugs, lady bugs, flies, box elder bugs, rodents and even skunks. The rollercoaster temperatures can inadvertently trap insects indoors, but remember, they really want to be outside. When temperatures stabilize, that is where most will go. So what should or could be done in these situations can vary, depending on the pest and where they have settled.

Corrective options vary, and it is not always prudent to begin using pesticides when a few random bugs appear inside. Are there other practical solutions to get through this transitional time? Yes, depending on the situation and that is why we are here, to put you at ease. We can even explore the many preventative service approaches we offer that will ensure that your issue does not reappear.

So, if any of these scenarios sound familiar, pick up the phone or email us, we will be glad to help.

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