Flies, for the homeowner and business owner, are more than just a nuisance; they can carry and transmit disease. Given the right conditions and breeding sources flies can quickly reproduce, causing massive infestations.Common flies in our area consist of House Flies, Bottle Flies, Cluster Flies, Fruit Flies, Stable Flies, Horse Flies and more. In general, flies inside a structure occur for a reason and determining the source of fly activity may require the experience of a professional. A detailed inspection of the property may be necessary to find the potential breeding and infiltration sources of fly activity.

Treatment Options

Control strategies available for fly control are entry exclusion, trapping, residual pesticide treatments, baiting and sanitation improvements.

Our inspection services will determine the best options for fly management in your situation.

Fly Proofing Recommendations:

General Fly Proofing Recommendations:

  • Keep doors and windows shut and properly screened
  • Keep garbage containers clean and empty regularly
  • Keep fruits and vegetables refrigerated when possible
  • Seal exterior entry points around doors, windows and vents with caulking and/or screening
  • Keep pet waste in yard and litter boxes clean
  • Ensure all drains function properly with no pipe build up, including garbage disposals
  • Do not over water indoor plants
  • Be sure all floor and clean out drains are properly sealed, screened and clean
  • Keep compost covered and far away from structure

If after following these basic fly proofing recommendations you are still experiencing fly activity, call us for a detailed property inspection.

We have a number of professional control remedies at our disposal.

We carry a complete line of electronic UV flying insect traps, lure traps, baits and insecticide treatment plans to address any flying insect infestation.

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