Nuisance Wildlife

Raccoons, Skunks, Bats, Birds, Opossum, Woodchucks, Snakes, Fox, Coyote, Muskrats, Beaver. We staff licensed Nuisance Wildlife control operators to handle any nuisance pest you may encounter. 

Treatment Options

Did you know that it is illegal for an unlicensed Nuisance Wildlife trapper to transport trapped animals?

The law states that a property owner that chooses to handle a nuisance wildlife issue personally has only two choices:

  • 1. Destroy the animal on premises.
  • 2. Let the animal go on the property.

Legally, if you are not licensed to transport nuisance wildlife, you cannot let trapped animals free on property other than your own…which defeats the purpose of trapping as the animal will only return.

Furthermore, if you decided to skirt the law and transport the animal to another location, like a park, this is not always in the best interest of the animal at all. The animal is now displaced in a strange location without food or shelter. This situation will only serve to stress the animal and it is more likely to panic, causing itself and others more potential harm.

So, it may seem like a good idea, and it might make you feel good about what you are doing, but in the end it is not. Not to mention the potential safety issues of handling a wild animal you are not familiar with. There are serious consequences of mishandling wildlife, among them transmittable disease.

Trust Exodus

If you encounter a nuisance wildlife issue, call a professional. In the end it is better for you and the animal when you call Exodus to handle these potentially difficult situations.

You can be assured that any nuisance wildlife we are entrusted to remove will be captured, handled and released in accordance with New York State Nuisance Wildlife Best Practices. We will always do what is ethical, legal and right for you and the animal.

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